FAQ section

Can you ship night vision outside the United States?

We will not ship full night vision systems complete with image intensifier tubes outside of the United States due to ITAR regulations. We are able to sell housings alone that are ready to be built with image intensifier tubes and optics outside the United States so long as the end user complies meets EAR99 requirements and follows its regulations.

What is your warranty policy?

We have a lifetime no questions asked policy on products or components that we manufacture. You break it we fix it. For night vision systems this applies only to the housing of the system. Optics and Image Intensifier tubes would be covered under their respective manufacturer warranty.

Can I get spec sheets for the tubes?

We do include image intensifier tube specification sheets with newly purchased devices built with new image intensifier tubes. We have a Hand Select Service in which we will send a picture and specification sheet of several tubes that are available and allow the customer to choose before the device is built and shipped. You can find this service under Night Vision Components.

Can I change my order?

If you wish to change certain details about your order please use the contact form on the site. The sooner you contact us with the requested change the higher likelihood that the change can be implemented to the order.

Are there any Labor or Conversion fees?

Labor and Conversion fees are included into the price of the housing. All devices are built professionally in a clean room, nitrogen purged, and all Binocular devices are collimated.

What is an Image Intensifier Tube?

The Image Intensifier Tube is the technology that allows you to see in the dark.

What is FOM?

FOM (Figure of merit) is calculated by multiplying the SNR (Signal to Noise) by the Center Resolution of the Image Intensifier Tube. Basically it is a easy to use number to determine the general quality of the Image intensifier Tube. However the SNR and Center resolution should be evaluated independently as well.

Do I have to send in my unit right away for conversion?

No, we will contact you once the housing for the conversion is completed. We do this to reduce the time that you are without your device. Conversions should only take 2 weeks to complete at most.

Do you have a MIL/LEO discount? EMS? Vet?

We do offer discounts for current and prior Military, LEO, and EMS.

Please reach out to sales@nocturnindustries.com to inquiry about it.

Where are our Housings made?

All our housings are designed and assembled in New Hampshire, USA.

Do you have Financing/Payment plans?

There are various financing providers available at checkout.